Thursday, January 10, 2013

Color Scheme & Modding Concept: All the Submissions!

Here are all of the fantastic submissions to the competition that I am in the process of wrapping up! Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to submit their work, I appreciate it very much and I hope you all had a fun time with it.

For the entrants, please take the time to make sure your entries are here on the list! This is very important!! I will give you all until 01/13/13 11:59 PM PST to let me know if your entry is not here! If something you submitted is not here, please resend the original email with the entry attached to my Gmail! Make sure it's the original email you sent so I know that you got it in by the deadline.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, either email me or leave a comment below.

Thanks again for the entries and comments!!

Click below to see the awesome entries!

Week 1

349410two - Gold Gundam Age-1

Balgus82 - CB-00 1.5 Eyes Gundam

Balgus82 - Hi-FX

GhosTQuanta - 00Q HellFire

KillerMoogle - Horus 

OmegaMinus - Gulf Gundam Mk. II 

Abcajet - BF Astray

Arvis Taljik - Nu Age-1

Brii - Difesca Destiny

Brii - Genoace Recustom

Brii - Jesta Assault

Brii - Ripresca Destiny

Brii - Shining Gundam

educhtqm17 - Delta Plus Eduardo's Use

GundamUK - Tiger Marasai

Ifan - Avalanche Custom

Ifan - Gespent GN-X

Ifan - Gundam Bluastrea

Ifan - Verde Dynames
Ifan - Weiss Avalanche

Michael Favortito - Talgeese III Trans-Am

Prime92 - Exia Stinger

Dark Blitz - Buster Panzer

Dark Blitz - Destiny Impulse

Dark Blitz - Duel Schneider

Dark Blitz - F.A. Banshee

Dark Blitz - Gold Frame Amatsu Kai

Dark Blitz - Jetfire MS Mode

Dark Blitz - Jetfire MA Mode

Dark Blitz - Strike Noir FWS

Drage - Astray Weiss

Drage - Strike Vermillion

Dustin Wilkinson - MBF-P02[F] Gundam Stray Fenrir

Gelgoog Guy - AGE-1 Normal

Gelgoog Guy - Gundam Unicorn

GunZcon - Gundam Zavier

KillerMoogle - Haupt Taurus

Minh Mai Le - Zeta White Unicorn

Rehome GNX Dominia 

Srikar Chiravuri - Nu Custom

Will Alexander - RX-0 V1 Custom

Will Alexander - RX-0 V2 Custom

Will Alexander - Exia Custom

ABCbajet - Wing EW

eloven - Pegasus

eloven - Sinanju Ground

Hummingbird - Perfect Gundam

Thorgrim103 - Dom Trooper Dragon

Thorgrim103 - Serpent

Thorgrim103 - Orc Gouf

Thorgrim103 - Shinobie

Thorgrim103 - Zaju I Camo

Added 12/13/2012
349410two - Exia Custom

Astraypenguin - G3Barzam

eloven - Deathscythe Hell Custom

eloven - RX-78- 2.0

eloven - Sandrock EW

eloven - Shenlong EW

eloven - Sinanju

eloven - Unicorn

ijgundam - Beginning Gundam

jessedixon - Clanche Custom Colors

Mrerdeseravee - RedTiger

Week 2

Balgus82 - Green Knight Gundam

Causability - Astrea Type F Steel

Alex Manly - Advance of Zeta Fire Support

Billy Wright - Clanche MS SA Custom

Billy Wright - Shaldoll Custom Green

Billy Wright - MSN 00100 Silver Tiger

Cucuruz Doan - GN-001 Gundam Exia

Cucuruz Doan - PMX-005 Breda

Edgewood - Quanta Pirate

Reynald Dilao - Smoke Duel 

Richard1701able - Unicorn 

Xyan99 - Delta Seekers 

Yeh000 - Jesta Gear

Yeh000 - Red Rezel

ABCbajet - Heavyarms EW 

ABCbajet - Sandrock EW

ABCbajet - Shenlong EW

Akosibenz Cabral - Adel Dullahan Custom
Ben Wong

Ben Wong

Coyudi - Blitz

Coyudi -Deathscythe White

 Coyudi -Dorado Wolf Custom

Coyudi -Sandrock Original COlors

Felix Vidad - AGE-FX

 Jan - Gundam Astray Trowa Barton Custom

Manguyver5223 - Ex-S Custom

Michael Favorito - Gerbera Tetra Serpent 

Michael Favorito -Strike Freedom Gaia

Dragon Master - Danazine Ruby

RDPMaster - FA Exia Titans

rizalramadhan44 - 001

Shiro11 - 00 Raiser 

Shiro11 - Hyaku Shiki

Shiro11 - Quanta

Tkyrios5 - Gundam AGE-1 Special Forces

Visa - 00 Golden Ghost

Xirkit - Gundam AGE-1 Dark Hawk
Weeks 3 & 4

Thorgrim103 - F91n

Thorgrim103 - Crow

Thorgrim103 - Florida All Natural

Thorgrim103 - Gypsy

Thorgrim103 - Delta Plus

Thorgrim103 - Nu ver. Ka

Thorgrim103 - Kampher
Dinbatu62 - Age-2J

DreMerc - Jesta

DreMerc - Stealth Aces

DreMerc - Oblivion Sinanju

DreMerc - Nu V2

Drew Belcher - Mk II-0

Rampage665 - Double Zeta A1

Rampage665 - Midnight Freedom

Sabekio - G-Bouncer Recolor

Roccondil5 -MG GP02 Physalis Real Type Color ver.

Sinjoui - Sick Sinanju

Zoroboro - Heavy Desperado 

Tian Hong - Age-1 Death Scythe Custom

fazt18 - Unicorn Gundam Maliwan ver.


frankon - Letzte Kampfer 

ifan - Astray Blue Frame Amatsus

jan - 00 Gundam GPB ver

jan - Strike Unicorn Gundam NT-D Mode off

jan - Strike Unicorn Gundam NT-D Mode on

lollipop - Tiger Acguy

Makuarein - Mass Produced GP01

Michael Favoritio - AGE-3 Fujin 

Michael Favoritio - Kamer Rider Double Blade

Michael Favoritio - Infinite Justice Anubis

Michael Favoritio - Rafael The Fallen One 

Pled - 00 Custom

Pled - Astray Custom

Rberger - GM III

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