Sunday, December 9, 2012

Color Scheme & Modding Concept Competition!

I am happy to announce the start of a new competition that I am holding! This time, it’s going to be a Color Scheme & Modding Concept contest.  I am going to provide you all with some line art for a few Gundam suits to use, or you can find your own as long as it is from the Gundam universe and I want you to color/modify it with your own ideas and get it back to me. Your design doesn’t have to be taken as far a tangible kit, a design concept is enough.

The contest will run from now until January 9th, 2013. After the 9th, I will take all of the submissions and split them up between myself and (hopefully) two other “celebrity” judges and we each will give our top 3 choices for the best designs (1 choice for each place per judge), then I will randomly pick the winner for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place using a random generator. Or at least that’s how I see the judging working out, but it may change down the road. I will update everyone about that if it happens.

The prizes are pretty great!

1st place wins a Master Grade Nu Gundam ver. Ka!

2nd place gets and a Real Grade Zeta with the Head Display base from Gundam Ace Magazine.

I’m not quite sure what to do for 3rd place yet. I want it to be something special, but the value of whatever it is will be at least $35. I will update this info later on.

So hopefully you guys are happy with the prizes, but if the winners really want something different, something can be worked out based on the value of the prize.

Here is a breakdown of the rules:

Entries must be received by 11:59 PM PST on January 9th, 2013 to be eligible. After that, any submissions will be divided up between me and the other judges. They pick their top 3 and I randomly pick the winner for each place.

Entries must use a Mobile Suit or Mobile Armor design of something from the Gundam Universe, which includes anime, manga, games, magazines, or whatever else, as long as it is an official design, it works.

Entries can be either colored line art or an actual kit that you have painted or modded yourself. Either a picture or video will work. Remember, the concept is enough; you are not required to take as far as a modded kit. I don’t care how you do your work; you can use anything from Photoshop to crayons, you just have to get it to me through the internet.

Please name the files you send to me using your name and the name of your project. For example: patrickgrade.awesomesinanju.jpg.

Email your submission to with the subject as Contest Entry Submission.
Entries should be unique. You can adapt a color scheme from some other series, but you have to make it your own in some way. You can take an existing color scheme, but change up the colors and add decal designs or whatever to make it unique to you.

By entering this competition, you give me permission to post your work online without expectation of compensation in any form.

If you enter, please subscribe to my YouTube channel!

And remember, this competition is meant to be fun! Don’t let your passion for or against a particular Gundam series or Gundam fan make you be rude to others!

I will post weekly updates on the competition and show off any entries that I may have received that week, probably on Sundays. I will also have a post on my blog with submissions.

I will try to expand the competition by having a prize based on the votes of my viewers, but I can’t guarantee that will happen. Like the last competition, the prizes are being paid for by me, so it’s not cheap for me to do this!

So, please participate! If you can’t come up with your own, comment on what you see!

Spread the word, too! Tell your friends or other sites about this, the more the merrier!

As always, please leave any comments or concerns with a comment down below and I will try my best to address them.

Below are just a few pieces of line art. Almost anything you find should work, as long as it's an official design, so you are by no means limited to what is here. Share resources for more line art if you want by commenting below. If you have any questions about what you want to use, please email me or message me through YT! I'm not sure what's up with the images below looking all crappy in the preview, but they look good when you click on them!

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