Sunday, December 23, 2012

Color Scheme & Modding Concept: Week 2 Submissions (12/17/2012 - 12/23/2012)

Here are the submissions I have received during the second week of the competition. Thank you to everyone who has participated so far! Remember, you can submit more than one piece of work at any time throughout the competition, so keep on coloring!

View the entries inside this post!

Balgus82 - Green Knight Gundam
Causability - Astrea Type F Steel

Alex Manly - Advance of Zeta Fire Support
Billy Wright - Clanche MS SA Custom
Billy Wright - Shaldoll Custom Green
Billy Wright - MSN 00100 Silver Tiger
Cucuruz Doan - GN-001 Gundam Exia
Cucuruz Doan - PMX-005 Breda
Edgewood - Quanta Pirate
Reynald Dilao - Smoke Duel 
Richard1701able - Unicorn 
Xyan99 - Delta Seekers 

Yeh000 - Jesta Gear
Yeh000 - Red Rezel
ABCbajet - Heavyarms EW 
ABCbajet - Sandrock EW
ABCbajet - Shenlong EW
Akosibenz Cabral - Adel Dullahan Custom
Ben Wong
Ben Wong
Coyudi - Blitz

Coyudi -Deathscythe White

 Coyudi -Dorado Wolf Custom

Coyudi -Sandrock Original COlors

Felix Vidad - AGE-FX
 Jan - Gundam Astray Trowa Barton Custom
Manguyver5223 - Ex-S Custom
Michael Favorito - Gerbera Tetra Serpent 
Michael Favorito -Strike Freedom Gaia
Dragon Master - Danazine Ruby
RDPMaster - FA Exia Titans
rizalramadhan44 - 001
Shiro11 - 00 Raiser 

Shiro11 - Hyaku Shiki

Shiro11 - Quanta

Tkyrios5 - Gundam AGE-1 Special Forces
Visa - 00 Golden Ghost
Xirkit - Gundam AGE-1 Dark Hawk

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